Our Menu

– Chef Martín Francioni –

PEPITO bites

Tomato Carpaccio – 8,20€

Artichoke chips – 8,90€

Our Russian Salad – 9,50€
With touch of anchovy, olive of kalamata and lime

Provolone – 11,80€
Baked with Potatoes a la Boulangère

Mushrooms croquettes (4 units) – 11,40€
With soft black garlick alioli

Tortilla coulant – 12,00€
Potatoes, Onions, Bell Pepper and Farm Eggs

Fried Eggs with Ham – 12,70€
With Potatoe and Iberian Ham

Fried Eggs with Foie – 19€
With Potatoe, Foie and white truffle

León Cecine – 9,50€

PEPITO`s garden

Our Cesar Salad – 13,90€
Chicken breast, parmesan and bread crust

Italian Salad – 14,90€
Burrata, Red Spinach and Rocket, Fresh Tomato and
Basil Sprouts with a Balsamic, Honey Vinaigrette

Rice and Pasta

Tortelli stuffed with oxtail – 18,50€
With white truffle oil

“Cadaqués” Rice – 21,50€
Squid, cockles, Rossinyols mushrooms, “alioli” sauce

Pepito and the Sea

Salmon Tartare – 19,00€
With Quinoa and Avocado

Ceviche Pepito Style – 22,00€
Corvina, coriander, papaya, yellow pepper, soft corn, canchitas

Bass – 22,10€
With vegetables and an oriental touch

Pepito’s Meats

Baked Picantón – 18,50€
with vegetables to the fine herbs

Veal Supreme Milanesa – 21,90€
With homemade french fries

Veal Steak Tartare – 22,90€
Dijon Mustard, Copers, Shallot, Egg Yolk and Lea & Perrins

Beef fillet/with foie – 28€/37€
Puree with a touch of truffle

Angus Skirt Steak – 39,00€

Dry-Aged Portehouse Steak (for 2) – 73,00€

Tomahawk of matured old cow – 7,10€/100g

 Homemade fries – 5€


with beef sirloin

González – 18,50€
Shoestring Potatoes, Free Range Fried Egg and Sobrasada

Sea Pepito – 15,50€
Squid, bread in its tint, lollo, wasabi mayonnaise

*We have bread without gluten, please ask the waiter.


Pepito’s Lovers

Lucia’s Ox Burguer 160 gr. – 14,90€
Caramelized Onion, Free Range Fried Egg, Bacon, Oak Leaf Lettuce and Barbeque Sauce.

Violeta’s Vegetarian Burger 160 gr. – 13,90€
Polenta and Shitake mayonnaise from miso, mix of sprouted and fried eggs of happy chickens

*We have bread without gluten, please ask the waiter.